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5 Takeaways From Week 9 of the NFL Season

5 takeaways from Week 9 of the NFL.


We had some unbelievable football this week. From game-changing calls to rookies balling out, this was a picturesque Sunday. And it turns out the most hyped up game was the worst game all day...



An absolute ass kicking. The Saints marched into Tampa to remind the Bucs who's daddy.

This game was over the second the ball was kicked off. A pathetic performance from the Bucs. I haven't seen coaches get out-coached as bad as Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles. It seemed like the Saints had the Bucs playbook.

Drew Brees and the offense looked incredible. As of this moment, the Saints have to be the favorite in a wide-open NFC. They're the only complete team. Other teams in contention have question marks all over their defenses. I want to see the Saints win a Super Bowl solely because Jameis is absolutely electric celebrating wins.

I still think the Bucs are a Super Bowl-caliber team. Yes, it may sound crazy after the dud they laid last night, but the talent on this team is too good to ignore. Then again, we can also ask if AB already ruined the locker room. Brady was under pressure all night, looking like a 43-year-old QB. Regardless, it looks like a hurricane is headed towards TOMpa Bay.


Hey ladies, I don't know if you know this, but being short is cool. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the highlights below:

Remember when everyone freaked out about Tua coming in for the second half of the season? Everyone forgot how good this guy was, except for me! He looked incredible both running and throwing the rock. He threw some absolute dimes down the stretch and made defenders look foolish.

The Dolphins are legit. What Brian Flores has done with the team is impressive. Remember when they were the laughing stock of the league last year? With the Patriots on the decline, will Miami and Buffalo battle it out the next 10 years? Probably not, because you're an idiot if you bet against Bill Belichick.

The Cardinals are good, but they're infuriating to watch sometimes. They had every chance to close this game out. Of course, they could've sent the game to overtime, but Zane Gonzalez came up short on a 49 yarder. Eat some spinach. Don't get me wrong, 49 yards is no chip shot. In today's NFL though, how many times do we see kickers come up short on a kick under 50 yards?


If any Chargers fan needs a hug, I'm here. Another soul-crushing loss. Even though it was clearly an incompletion, the fact that the refs called it a touchdown was such a cock tease.

If Justin Herbert wasn't playing, every Chargers fan would need to be on suicide watch. They're creating new ways to lose. I don't even like to talk about it, because Chargers fans don't bother anyone.

Stay positive Chargers fans. At least you have your QB. You can only go up from here. If anyone knows Boltman, please check his well being. I'm seriously concerned about how he's doing.



Out of all the things Philip Rivers has done in his career, this is the funniest.

Forget about all the 4th quarter interceptions and ridiculous trash talk. The way he tripped and attempted to tackle the defender is peak Rivers.

I really hope Philip Rivers retires after this year. Don't pull an Eli and try to extend your career. We all saw how you tripped on your own two feet before a feeble tackle effort. Call it quits and start your career as a reality television star with your nine kids.


It's time to consider Dalvin Cook as the best running back in the NFL. He's doing CMC type things.

Back-to-back games with 200+ scrimmage yards and 2+ touchdowns. When he bursts into the second level of the defense, no one is catching him. His combination of speed and power is truly special.

Although he was banged up for a week this season, it's good to see him relatively healthy over the past few years. This was a guy that tore his ACL every time he stepped foot on the field.

Imagine how bad this Vikings team would be if they didn't have Cook? The mediocre football that the Vikings have played should warrant at least a few MVP votes for Cook.

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