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5 Takeaways From Week 8 of the NFL Season

We're at the midway point of the season. Biggest takeaways from Week 8.


To be honest, I'm surprised we made it to the halfway point of the season. Although I tried to stay optimistic about the NFL season staying on track, there was always a little doubt in the back of my head.

As America is about to go full-on meltdown mode tomorrow night, at least we have Giants vs. Bucs on Monday night!

Let's just get into my five takeaways.


We begin with the most viral moment from Sunday.

The punch heard around the world. For some context, it looks like Wims was defending his teammate.

From what I observed, it seems Wims snatched his chain and immediately went for the sucker punch. If that's correct, this is the first chain snatching fight since the infamous Talib-Crabtree fight from a few years ago.

The one thing I'll never understand is why punch someone with a helmet on? You're only going to hurt yourself while the other guy laughs at his face without a scratch. If you're going to throw-down, take notes from Andre Johnson:

Also, CJ Gardner-Johnson seems like the biggest pest in the NFL. Remember when the Saints suspended Michael Thomas for punching a teammate? Well, that teammate was CJ Gardner-Johnson. I do love his "WTF did I do!" reaction though.

It's always useful to have a nuisance on defense to get under a player's skin. It was a nice little surprise during a slow-paced, boring, Saints vs. Bears game.


Everyone joked around about Trevor Lawrence becoming a Patriot when Tom Brady left. Well... it might happen.

It appears the Patriots are headed to full-on tank mode. Especially with the news about Stephon Gilmore selling his house and not traveling because of an apparent "injury". The Patriots fall to 2-5 after coming up short against the Bills 24-21. It also snapped their seven-game winning streak to the Bills.

I thought the Cam Newton experiment was going to work. It looked good for the first few weeks until it fell apart after he got COVID. He has looked awful since he returned, making another costly mistake during the game-winning drive:

Who know that becoming terrible at football is a side effect of COVID. With Belichick looking towards the future, it appears the Cam Newton revenge tour has come to a screeching stop.


I know the Steelers have one of the best defenses we've seen in a while, but the Ravens are frauds until they can beat a good team. The Ravens flat out gave this game away to the Steelers.

Ever since the Titans curb-stomped the Ravens last year, Lamar Jackson has looked very mediocre. Although the Ravens ran the ball well against a stingy Steelers front seven, Jackson couldn't protect the ball. In a rivalry game like this, you can't turn the ball over four times.

Jackson still needs to develop his arm. The Ravens clearly don't trust putting the ball in his hands when it comes to crunch time. All they did when they needed a score on their final drive was short check-downs and running it with JK Dobbins. Obviously not a smart move when you're trying to score with a little over a minute left.

I'm not sure what the Ravens need to do to figure out this offense, but Ronnie Stanley going down for the season hurts. The worst part is they just gave the guy a $99 million contract extension.


This game was hilariously entertaining. The NFC East has become the MAC of the NFL.

First off, Ben DiNucci should never start another NFL game again. I almost put him over Nathan Peterman for worst QB performance of all time, but it's hard to top five interceptions in one half. Although, Nathan Peterman did beat out Ben DiNucci at Pitt, so does that make DiNucci worse?

Some of the throws DiNucci tried to make were laughable.

I appreciate the effort, but let's try to complete some normal throws before we elevate to the sidearm action.

Speaking of QB's, I can't figure out Carson Wentz. There are times he looks like an elite QB and others it looks like he never played the sport. I swear there are plays he closes his eyes and launches it as far as he can. When the ball gets intercepted, he looks just as confused as the average fan, both wondering "What the hell just happened?"

Everyone that watched all three hours of that Sunday night game deserves a medal of honor. It made our eyes bleed, but we had a lot of laughs. It was like Hubie Halloween. So bad that it's good.

Last thing on this game. It wasn't the safety or onside kick I'm going to criticize about Mike McCarthy. It's him celebrating a field goal in the first half like he won the Super Bowl.

You know you've hit rock bottom when you're this pumped about three points in the first half.


Trent Brown has had a crazy 2020 season. It appeared he was finally going to play this week, coming off the COVID/Reserves list.

What's good with NFL doctors this year? First, we had Tyrod Taylor getting his lungs punctured, and now this?

Hopefully the big man gets healthy soon because he's a huge part of that Raiders offense. I also love to see side by side photos of him with his teammates. He's just a ridiculously large human being.

He also has one of the most preposterous tattoos of all time:

Nothing like a tattoo of getting sucked off for some motivation! Let's just hope to see him back on the field soon. These NFL doctors need to stop fucking up.

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