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5 Takeaways from Week 2 of the NFL Season

Some HUGE takeaways from week 2 of the NFL.


Let's just say Week 2 of the NFL wasn't rainbows and flowers. Injuries and blown leads headline this week so let's get right into my MASSIVE takeaways.


What a historic day for the NFL and not in a good way. I can't remember the last time injuries took away so many players in the same day.

These are just some of the big names with more being confirmed today.

Coming into the season, everyone was saying there was going to be a lot of soft tissue injuries due to the lack of a preseason. I don't think people expected players to drop like the first 30 seconds of a Fall Guys game.

Obviously, injuries impact fantasy football in a big way. Don't be that loser that bitches and moans about how good your team could've been. No one in your league cares about your injuries. All they're going to do is lick their lips when they play you because your team looks like your abused right hand after a long and lonely day.


As NFL fans, this image will never leave our heads.

I don't know why, but the Atlanta Falcons LOVE to blow leads in embarrassing fashion. It appeared the Falcons dominated the Cowboys all game until they decided to roll over and let Dak pet their bellies like a good boy.

Here's a ridiculous stat. According to ESPN Stats and Info, teams that score 39 points or more with no turnovers were 440-0 since 1933, when turnovers were first tracked as a stat. 440-0!!!!!

The nail in the coffin for the Falcons was the onside kick.

For a team that has the best onside kick kicker, I feel like they should be better than the effort they gave. I don't understand how you can allow that to happen. Dan Quinn's time as head coach is quickly ticking as we could see a coaching change very soon.


Despite the loss, Patriots fans have to feel pretty good with how the team's playing.

Cam Newton looks like his old self, running and throwing all over defenses. Patriots defense may need a little work but I'm not too concerned considering Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind.

People thought Belichick and the rest of the franchise was going to wither away and slowly die. Nope! Instead, Belichick took the necessary gamble and signed Cam Newton.

Honestly though, WTF to teams like the Chargers and Dolphins. You guys really thought Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Fitzpatrick was a better option than a former MVP? Look at what you've done. All the fans are going to blame you when the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl.


The Let Russ Cook campaign has been strong for a while and it appears Pete Carroll is finally letting his head chef cook up some crazy throws.

After a 5 touchdown night, Russell Wilson appears to be the very early candidate for MVP. The craziest part about Wilson is he never received an MVP vote in his career.

Michaels and Collinsworth had a funny moment when Collinsworth explained why he doesn't have an MVP vote anymore.

Of course, everyone is mad over this innocent joke but Russ never receiving an MVP vote is baffling.

Maybe Pete Carroll finally realized he has a generational QB and not run the ball with their above average running backs 40 times a game.

Also, Russ's deep balls are so beautiful.


It's not even close. The New York Jets are pathetic and the worst football team in the NFL.

I'm currently writing this around noon on Monday and I'm surprised Adam Gase is not fired yet. The team looks defeated the second the ball is kicked off. No fight and effort at all.

The reason why I'm so confident the Jets are the worst team in the NFL is because the other bad teams at least fight until the end. For example, the Giants could've quit after a disastrous start but the game ended up coming down to the last play. The same could be said about the Lions, Jags, and Panthers the past 2 weeks.

I'm still stunned the Jets gave this play up.

How is this even possible? It wasn't even a pass! The local high school football team could've made that stop. Again, the lack of effort is concerning and I fully expect the Jets drafting Trevor Lawrence next spring.