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5 Takeaways From Week 16 of the NFL Season

Takeaways from week 16 of the NFL.


Week 16 is in the books. The playoff picture is still not set with multiple teams blowing their chance of clinching a spot.

The NFL is crawling to the finish line. With COVID still spreading like a forest fire in facilities, the NFL is just trying to get to the Super Bowl and get this season behind them. Roger Goodell recently said the NFL won't skip the line for the new COVID vaccine. With the playoffs around the corner, are you sure you don't want to vaccinate your stars like Mahomes, Rodgers, and Henry? If we know anything about the NFL, they're definitely doing some shady shit to complete the season.


My god. The last four minutes of this game was nuts.

The Dolphins seemed dead in the water. Their playoff chances were looking slim, needing a prayer from God to save their season. Who would've thought that prayer would come from this beautiful looking magician?

Is that a homeless man? No, that's Fitzmagic.

The Dolphin's offense needed a spark. Tua completing four-yard hitches was not going to win them the game. Fitzpatrick came in and instantly provided that spark. Even with the spark, the Dolphins still needed some prayers answered.

After Gruden settled to run the clock out and settle for a field goal, it seemed like the game was over. With no timeouts and 23 seconds left on the clock, the Dolphins looked dead. Until Fitzmagic struck again with one of the craziest throws we will ever see.

To make a 49 yard, no-look pass is preposterous. The Dolphins kicked a field goal to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Let's talk about how that throw affected both sides.

For the Dolphins, obviously the play of the season. Many of you may think "how can Flores bench Fitzpatrick after he saved their season?" Flores insisted Tua is still their starter. Many might question the decision, but I'm trusting Flores. Everything this guy has touched has turned into gold.

If I were the Raiders, it makes you question if Gruden is the guy to bring your team to the next level.

Of course, the argument is going to be whether Jacobs should've scored or not. If he did, the game is over. You don't need to worry about any late field goals to win the game. It's the age-old question everyone has. Do you take the touchdown if it's there?

Regardless, Gruden and Mayock have shown a very slow, steady improvement but nothing impressive. They need to figure out this defense or else both might be back on TV, broadcasting games.


Merry Christmas to all Alvin Kamara fantasy owners. He probably won you a championship single handedly.

Kamara tied the NFL record for most touchdowns in a game with six. He should've set the record, but Sean Payton had to fulfill his fetish and let Taysom Hill score.

The Saints showed out against the Vikings. Letting America know they're still one of the best teams in the league. With Drew Brees slowly getting healthier from his rib injury, the Saints could become a dangerous team in the playoffs. I still like the Packers over them in the NFC, but maybe the Saints make a playoff push without getting screwed over by the striped men.


As the weeks in December went by, it seemed like the Steelers were getting worse every week. It was getting so bad, many were questioning if they were going to lose out on the division.

The trend seemed to be going down until Big Ben came back big in the second half. They locked up the division, thanks to the Browns losing to the Jets. I for sure thought the Steelers were dead in this game. Big Ben was dropping dimes, looking like his younger self.

I still like Buffalo and Kansas City over Pittsburgh. Can Mike Tomlin turn around a horrendous December and make a run in January?


Man, it must be soul-crushing to be a Browns fan.

The Browns need one more win to clinch their first playoff berth in 18 seasons. I'm sure they clinched playing the Jets, right?! Nope. In classic Cleveland Browns fashion, all their receivers had to sit out because of COVID. They had to promote practice squad players to fill the void.

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt were supposed to carry the load, but the Jets contained them for a combined 39 yards. They also lost the game on a very Browns play.

The Browns aren't completely out of it. If they win next week, they're in. Lucky for them, the Steelers should be resting their starters. With the Browns getting their receivers back, I fully expect Cleveland to celebrate their first playoff appearance in 18 years.


What a rollercoaster of a season it's been for the Chicago Bears. From starting 5-0, benching Trubisky, experimenting with Foles, everyone in the organization on the hot seat, to TRUBISKY COMING BACK TO BRING THE BEARS TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!

Thanks to the Cardinals and Vikings losing, the Bears are currently in the playoffs as the seven seed.

Giphy Images

Yes, I don't know how this is possible considering how they have looked this season. At times, I watch the Bears and think "how this is an NFL offense?" Something with Trubisky clicked the past few weeks. He looks like a competent QB that maybe the Bears keep around?

I don't know what's going to happen with Trubisky, but you have to be encouraged by what he's shown the past few weeks.

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