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5 Takeaways From Week 15 of the NFL Season

The season is winding down. Check out our takeaways from week 15.


Many hearts were broken this week. Whether it was from a team being eliminated from the playoffs, losing a fantasy semi-final, or blowing the chances of landing the most coveted prospect in years, it was a week of heartbreak.

For some fans, their team punched their ticket to the playoffs. Regardless of what happened, enjoy it and soak it in. We only have a little more than a month left of football.


After finishing the second half of the year 6-2 last season, some Jets fans were optimistic that this team had a chance to break out. When the losses came pouring in, that agenda quickly changed. They all had their eyes on one man to turn around their tortured franchise.

Bob Donnan, USA Today

The Jets pulled off the biggest upset of the year beating the Rams on the road. With the win, the Jaguars leapfrog the Jets to potentially land Trevor Lawrence in next year's draft.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this. The Jets were going to go 0-16, fire Adam Gase, and draft their savior. Now, they're in a tricky dilemma. If they end up landing the second pick, do they keep Darnold and trade down? Should they take Justin Fields? How about beefing up the line and securing Penei Sewell?

If I were the Jets, I'd trade down for a boatload of picks. At the end of the day, this Jets team is depleted with talent. Give me the picks and build out this roster. The tricky question becomes what they do at the QB position. I think Adam Gase ruined Sam Darnold. Although he looked pretty solid yesterday, I think it's best for both sides to move on. It's a pretty deep QB class coming in, so being able to secure multiple picks and possibly landing Zach Wilson or Trey Lance could be a potential move for them.

There's still hope the Jags win another game. All Joe Douglas can hope for is the Jags to win one more game to make his decision a lot easier this offseason.


You know who should have priority to get the COVID vaccine? Bills Mafia. For the first time in two decades, the Buffalo Bills are AFC East champions.

After their blowout win in Denver, Bills Mafia made sure they were heard at the airport when the team landed.

C'mon Cuomo, let Bills Mafia into Ralph Wilson for the playoffs! The best fans in the world that have been deprived of success deserve to be in the stadium for a home playoff game! My genius idea would be to let them in and donate the profits made from the game to COVID relief! A win-win for everyone involved. Bills fans couldn't care less if they test positive for COVID, as long as they can witness their team in the playoffs.

I fully expect the Bills to make a run, as they are the only team in the AFC that can compete with the Chiefs.

I'm just happy for the best fans in sports. 2020 has been a shitshow for everyone, except for Buffalo Bills fans.


I thought the Pats could put together a late-season playoff push after they dominated the Chargers. They were officially eliminated from playoff contention yesterday. For the first time in 11 years, we won't see Bill Belichick angrily walking down the sidelines in January.

Now for the real question: what do the Pats do from here? Cam Newton clearly isn't the QB of the future. I fully expect them to take one in the draft. I don't know if it's going to be someone in the 1st round or 6th round, but we all know Belichick is going to find his new toy somewhere.

They had half their defense missing because of COVID opt-outs. Don't expect this to be a thing moving forward. I fully expect the Patriots to retool, and be right back in the playoffs next season. It's going to be hard competing with the Bills and Dolphins for years to come, but the number one tip for sports fans is to never bet against the Patriots.


Tom Brady has to be feeling good about himself. His ex was eliminated from playoff contention and he got to rip the Falcons' heart out one more time.

Even when the Falcons were up 17, I had a feeling they were going to blow it. It's what they do in Atlanta. Brady and the Bucs came out swinging in the second half, scoring 31 points and coming out with a crucial win. A win, but with a very questionable call.

The Bucs were up 4 with about a little less than a minute remaining. Fournette seemed to be short of the first down, but the refs gave it to the Bucs anyway.

It was clearly short, but of course, Tommy is going to get the call in a game he needs to win. This win and the Saints loss make the NFC South crown interesting now. The Bucs are only one game out with two weeks left, but the Saints hold the tiebreaker over them.


While watching the Washington Football Team vs. Seahawks game, there was a weird camera angle that made everything look super high definition. It was so clear, it looked like a video game.

Fox calls the camera "The Megalodon".

I'm sure it's something Fox will utilize more of. I thought it was a cool camera angle. Technology is growing so fast, I remember when 4K was the hottest thing around just last year.

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