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5 Takeaways From Week 14 of the NFL Season

Takeaways from week 14 of the NFL season.


Well, we're officially in the 4th quarter of the NFL season.

Let me be the first to congratulate those that made the fantasy playoffs. For those who lost in the first round, be thankful you can step away from this stupid, childish, anxiety-filled game.

We had some really good football this week, paired with some terrible play as well. From missed kicks and crazy interceptions to Super Bowl contenders shaping into final form, let's get into my week 14 takeaways.


I know I might be stating the obvious, but we might as well give the Chiefs the Lombardi trophy right now.

The Dolphins defense forced four turnovers and the Chiefs still managed to win pretty convincingly. Miami made a late comeback, but it wasn't enough to throw off the high powered sports car driven by this guy.

Ed Zurga, AP

Is there any offense in this league that can keep up? The only one I can think of is Buffalo, which we will talk about later.

Of course, anything can happen, but how do you stop a team that gives up four turnovers and still wins? Miami seemed like they had a blueprint to slow down this offense. The trio of Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce might go down as the greatest offensive threat of all time.

I mentioned Buffalo as a possible team that can take them down. Other than them, the only teams that have an offense to match the Chiefs are maybe the Packers, Seahawks, and Saints? Even then, I don't think each of those teams has enough to slow down Mahomes & Co.


No fanbase deserves to be in the stadium, cheering on their team more than Bills Mafia. The Buffalo Bills are legit Super Bowl contenders. They might not get past the Chiefs, but they're the only team in the AFC that can take them down in my opinion. If their defense can do just enough, this team can beat anyone in the league.

Josh Allen has become one of the most electric players in the NFL. He makes Mahomes-esc plays every week, but for some reason, America doesn't ejaculate every time he makes a sidearm pass. Allen and Diggs torched Pittsburgh all night. Now, it seems like Pittsburgh is about to face a long, dark road before the playoffs.

Other than San Francisco, no team's been screwed over more than Pittsburgh. They were forced to use their bye week 4, when the Titans had the COVID outbreak. Ever since then, no team's been shuffled and moved around more than the Steelers. They had to play three games in 11 days! I don't care how good your team is, how do you expect players to perform well with no rest?  Regardless, the Steelers move down to the two seed with their loss last night.


Other than Mason Crosby's 0-5 performance a few years ago, I don't think we've seen anything worse than what Dan Bailey did yesterday. He didn't just miss these kicks, he shanked these kicks to another planet.

Nothing like a kicker destroying the Vikings' playoff hopes. It's almost as if they never recovered from the Blair Walsh kick a few years ago against the Seahawks in the playoffs.

I'm assuming Mike Zimmer left Dan Bailey in Tampa? If it wasn't for him missing all his kicks, we would be talking about if Bruce Arians is going to get fired next year.


I feel like we've talked about the Eagles every week in my takeaways. Whether it's good or bad, they always find themselves in the national spotlight. If you can't get in the headlines for getting good, might as well trying getting them being bad. I call it "the New York Knicks method".

I thought Jalen Hurts and the Eagles were going to get their asses whooped against the Saints. Instead, the Rookie from Alabama and Oklahoma threw for 167 yards and a touchdown while running the ball for 106 yards.

The Eagles got their spark back on offense. They put themselves in the most impossible situation ever. First, if Jalen Hurts is their guy moving forward, they need to move on from Wentz. You can't have the weird dynamic in the locker room like they had when Foles was there. It's an impossible contract to move, but if they can find anything for Wentz, they should sell instantly.

Now is Hurts the answer moving forward? I don't know. We see it all the time with rookie QBs. They come out looking like they're the next big thing until teams get more tape of them. For the rest of the season, they need to rock with Hurts to see if he's legit. If not, the Eagles have a long offseason ahead of them, trying to put out the fire that is their cap space.


To end this week's takeaways, I wanted to show these interceptions. These two plays were some of the best plays I've seen in a long time.

The Kenny Moore interception was jaw dropping, but Howard had a great one handed snag too.

Just enjoy and watch these interceptions on loop. It never gets old.

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