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25-Year-Old Girl Defends Husband From LeBron James

Fans get kicked out in the middle of the game after getting into it with LeBron James.

Stephen A. Bayless

Is there anything better than a fight between an athlete and a fan mid-game?

Usually, it's innocent shit talking. Unless it's the fan that shit talked Isaiah Thomas and pathetically turtled when he confronted him. Last night, we might've had the best one yet.

Here's a great breakdown from Jomboy.

LeBron wasn't the star of the show. It was Julianna Carlos.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if E! gave this woman a reality TV show. That was a flawless audition tape. She claimed she was defending her husband, to who LeBron was supposedly talking shit. That made me immediately think her husband was playing in the game. Why else would she be sitting court-side?

Nope! She needed to defend her 60+-year-old husband!!!

She mentions she's not a golddi- I'm not even going to go there. I'm sure those two are happily married and love each other very much.

After the game, LeBron discussed how he enjoyed having some fans back in the crowd. After all, LeBron is a showman that likes to put on a show. Here are his full thoughts about what happened.

He even gave Julianna a new nickname.

So yeah, just another night in the NBA. A 25-year-old arguing with LeBron James mid-game defending her old man. Which other leagues provide you with this much entertainment?

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